Workout Routine

World Championships – Women’s Podium Training – Subdivisions 3-5

Women’s Podium Training – Subdivision 3:


VT – only one Yurchenko full for the team in addition to Yeo’s vaults!

Yeo – good looking Rudi with assistance from the coach; Yurchenko full on the second vault, then a DTY with the coach standing but not spotting; next turn: Rudi to jump half turn with a double spot, one on the pre-flight and one on the landing!

UB – good routines from the team here, but two missed routines in their pressure sets… Much better second routine from Lee Yunseo (good inside stalder work).

BB – good routine from Lee! Fall from Yeo on series… a bit inconsistent here for everyone!

FX – double layout first pass, then 2 ½ front layout from Yeo, then two double backs easily made; good routine from Lee as well (tuck double, triple twist, 1 ½ to front full, pike double); looks like this is the strongest event for the team!


FX: Most mounting with a double pike; one strong routine from the team with a good Arabian double tuck mount; tuck full in second pass but hands down…

VT: Yurchenko fulls and layouts only!

UB: the team shows some good work here, but lots of missed random skills!

BB: looked a bit more consistent than bars!

Women’s Podium Training – Subdivision 4:


FX: hit floor with medium difficulty, minus one missed 2 ½ front in the routines… no floor for Kovacs in this training!

VT: Yurchenko full, Tsuk full and big Yurchenko layouts from Kovacs here; no signs of an injury, but you never know!

UB: Wow, for Kovacs here either! Quite a few misses on the big release moves for the team.

BB: Kovacs does take a warm up turn here; nice switch leap mount to switch half to ff swing down, side aerial falls off, side aerial to ff step out small wobble, front aerial to jumps, double turn fall, side somie, double tuck at the end with the coach standing just in case ; Mixture of some good connections but also some wobbles and misses for the entire team!
Kovacs: “Competing only beam and maybe vault… due to stomach issues (indicating muscle issue).”



Emily W. – clean but only layout dismount.

Georgia G. – dragged her feet after the Pak, all else good… makes a good Pak a turn later!

Romi Brown – clean set with big step on the dismount!


For the most part the team stays on the beam this workout; this team looks clean through two events… GRB working out at the end of the rotation by herself, likely with the alternate spot!


Godwin sits down her double front, but almost had it; big double tuck second pass, front full, and a very good pike double at the end;

Scott – good full in step OOB just like in warm ups; front tuck step out to double tuck easily made, good double pike last pass!

Only a dance through for GRB but it was of course gorgeous!


Godwin makes her Tsuk 1 ½, good quality on Yurchenko fulls from the rest of the team!

Sweden – VT not the highest difficulty; UB good amplitude and clean work overall… first two floor routines a little weak!

Women’s Podium Training – Subdivision 5



Zhang with a couple of wobbles on her set but overall looks solid, looks like first up for the Chinese team!

Tang next – step back on the layout two feet and missed connection after front aerial, pike double step forward, overall very good!

Then everyone hits, incredible technique… the team was all over the place on the first warm up turn; but then they turned it on for the full routines!


Tang – triple twist punch front-good, gets through the rest just fine!

Ou – two whips to triple good, nice 2 ½ to front pike but slides down on the landing…

Zhang – 2 ½ to front pike goes a little long, whip to triple twist to split jump nicely done, double pike at the end;

Every routine here has a triple twist in it, no double layouts or even full ins!

VT – lots of fulls until Zhang’s Tsuk double full… all vaults are a bit low and piked! He with several Tsuk double twist attempts – all landed, but all of them also spotted on the pre-flight!

Zhang does crush one Tsuk double full, and then does a timer or two on a Tsuk full!

It could be easily all three fulls for China… it might depend on warm up turns at the actual competition!


Tang the first one with a full set here… really nice, but barely caught the Maloney half!

Wei – superb… slight assist from the coach on the full twisting double layout landing! Second routine with an extra Healy in it, but not as clean, and doesn’t connect the Pak to the Maloney half.

Luo – misses the step punch to board mount, and then misses kip cast to HS, but restarts from a standing cast and it is perfect… the Jaeger layout is incredible! Second routine, no problems with the mount, but almost misses the cast to handstand, saves it with the help of her teammates… and misses the Healy to half pyro, trying to be too perfect and finishing the wrong side. Does a few Healy + piro to a full twisting double tuck a few more times at the end!

As expected, China is VERY GOOD here!


UB: Black misses the toe on piked Tkatchev half; gets up and continues with Ezhova to the end; makes the next first half nicely!

BB: Black – switch leap mount wobbles, not happy with it, gets off the beam and does it again… a little wobbly on her turns throughout the workout… does make a nice ff layout two feet at the end!

FX: hit with moderate difficulty! Black – front full step out to double pike hop back, front double full to punch front small hop, 2 ½ step across – good energy on her dance!

VT: Really good from the team here, from everyone… Black front full and Tsuk 1 ½ second vault!