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Winter workout tips for women from Dundee fitness guru

Dundee fitness guru Shelley Booth. Image: DC Thomson.

As winter draws in it can be difficult to maintain a regular fitness routine. Especially when it’s dark outside.

And with the clocks changing this weekend, you might be wondering how to keep fit as the seasons change.

So we asked Dundee fitness guru Shelley Booth for her advice.

Shelley has made it her mission to help women across the world change their health and well-being.

We asked the director of the Feel, Look, Be Formula, and owner of local gym Train Eat Sleep Repeat for her top tips for exercising safely in winter months.

Shelley gives us her top tips. Image: DC Thomson.

Shelley, 42, has worked in the fitness industry for more than 20 years and turned the loss of her father into a mission to transform the lives of thousands of people.

She says: “Our days can be so jam-packed that exercising during daylight hours is next to impossible.

“The majority of exercise may be done after dark or before the sun rises in autumn and winter. This can lead to women feeling less motivated to go out in the dark alone.

So what does Shelley recommend for working out safely this winter?

Top tips for safe winter workouts

  • Buddy system – if you are going outdoors then exercising with a buddy is always preferable, you can look out for each other and stay motivated.
  • Stay in well lit areas – and wear something bright or fluorescent.
  • Don’t wear earphones – or just wear one so you can hear approaching footsteps or traffic.
  • Avoid wet or unstable terrain.
Shelley advises not to wear both earphones.

Shelley adds: “The local park or woods may be perfect for summer months but avoid being in unlit areas at night. Wearing reflective gear will also help you be seen.

“Wet trainers can easily slip and darker nights or mornings mean it’s easier to trip over.

Try an online session

“Online training has boomed in the last five years and has been further accelerated by lockdown closing down gyms across the country.

“The benefits of training at home during the winter months are considerable and are set to continue its rise in popularity.

“Using an online fitness tool, especially one with a morning live stream, is the perfect way to start your day right with some physical exercise and motivation.”

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[Winter workout tips for women from Dundee fitness guru]