Nail Art

Trendy And Easy Nail Art Designs To Try Out This Season

Sometimes all we want to do is give a break to our simple, regular manicure and instead hop onto some interesting designs that are totally statement worthy. While we live in the era of everything being a trend, sometimes we do get our hands on some extremely incredible designs which are totally worth the hype! With a seasonal change, why not change your nail art too? From bright and peppy designs to zig zag styles and more, here are some of the easiest and trendiest nail art designs to try this season to slay your game absolutely right! Read on to know more.

These Nail Art Styles Are Trending!

1. Bright And Peppy Nails

What better than a bright and colorful nail art to add a stylish edge and pop of color to your overall style? Vibrant designs are storming the beauty sphere with stunning colors and styles. And it’s about time you opt for these styles too to add a quirky element to your look. You can go for neon jelly tips or electric bright monochromes that are perfect to not only accentuate your look but your mood as well.

2. Stars And Glitter

If you are someone who loves to add some shine, bling or a dramatic edge to every look, then this nail art is perfect to adorn. If you are going for stars then go for a clear base and if for glitter, you can either go for ombre style of full glitter nails, however you like to ace it.

3. Zig Zag Pattern

The classic zig zag pattern is once again making rounds and this time with a 2.0 version. This nail art is perfect to adorn on any given day. Be it a classic outfit or a regular one, this nail art will complement every look of yours and it’s about time you try this out.

4. Tortoise Shell

Just as the name suggests, this nail art gives an effect of a tortoise shell and is definitely a luxe twist to your regular manicure or nail art. It will look stunning with any given style and will definitely add a stylish edge to your overall look as well.