Hair Colouring

Things to keep in mind before coloring your hair

Hair coloring and highlighting are a trend these days. People of all age groups are seeking a change either with their hair color or hair length. Hair coloring can truly be transformative as it empowers a fresh and changed appearance as well as adds a certain dimension to one’s personality.

But spending a huge amount of money at parlors is totally unnecessary when you can do wonders at home. One can confidently color their hair at home if they keep a few basic tips in mind:

Skip Shampoo: Before using any hair color, it is recommended to skip shampooing your hair as the shampoo does not help from protecting or enhancing the hair dye in any way. Always remember that the natural oils present in your hair can protect your scalp from the tingling and itching.

Do a patch test: To avoid any rash or itchiness, it is better to take a small patch test of your hair from the end. Skin is the most sensitive part of your body so chemicals like hair dyes can damage our skin easily.

Apply petroleum jelly in the hairline: It is advisable to apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly on your hairline neatly. Only then, go ahead with the hair coloring as per the instructions on the cover. By doing so, the petroleum jelly will keep the color stains at bay and will also not let the color reach the facial skin.

Wear gloves while applying: All would want to color their hair and not hands so it is advisable to wear gloves to make sure it’s properly done. After coloring the hair, wash your hands nicely for any stains here and there.

Start from the roots: When you apply color to your hair, start from the roots. Experts believe that the root hair is less porous and thus the color takes more time to absorb. While washing your hair, start with the end first with a conditioner. This will help make the coloring look soft and even.

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