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The Best Halloween Nail Art Ideas for 2022

There’s no better time to ditch your traditional manicure shade in favor of bolder, more creative nail art than Halloween.

Of course, black-and-orange options are at the top of the list when it comes to spooky season nails, but the seasonal manicure possibilities don’t end there. All October long, play around with Halloween motifs (think ghouls, goblins, spiders, and more), neon tones and embellishments. You can even ask your nail artist to paint scenes or characters from your favorite horror movie.

And when it comes time to wear your costume on Oct. 31, don’t forget to paint a nail design to match. Going as a cat? Try an animal print manicure. Wearing a witch hat? We found styles even the Sanderson Sisters would approve of.

From jack-o-lanterns to ghosts, spider webs to skulls, keep reading for our 22 favorite Halloween nail art ideas.

Friendly Ghosts

JINsoon Instagram

Need some non-spooky inspiration? Opt for this nail design that features cute and friendly ghosts. This specific design was crafted from a combination of JINsoon shades: Hope, Absolute White, Absolute Black and Auspicious⁠.

A Very Groovy Halloween

noellefuyunails/Noelle Fuyu Miller Instagram

Nothing screams Halloween like a good ’70s costume. Grab your favorite bell bottoms and bodysuit, and pair them with this flower-inspired art. The colors are bright and fun, which is quite unexpected for the season.

Mummy-Inspired Stripes

JINsoon Instagram

This minimal nail design will match any costume if you’re dressing as a mummy this season. The crisp white base coat is bold and bright, while the black stripes give the art a bold edge.

Glow in the Dark

sohotrightnail Instagram

For an extra dose of spooky, add glow-in-the-dark polish to your design of choice. These neon jack-o-lanterns will be the talk of any party you attend.

Slithering Snakes

luxnailsvancouver Instagram

Make your nails come to life with this Halloween-inspired design. Featuring slithering snakes, cobwebs and dripping blood, this manicure is a fun way to embrace the spooky season.

Cute Skeletons

shawniedoesnails Instagram

You don’t have to lean into scary nails to be on trend this season. Instead, give these friendly skeletons a try. You can even add skeleton designs to all your nails — not just two as shown above. Besides, can you really resist the cute heart symbols?

Mix ‘n Match

shawniedoesnails Instagram

If you can’t decide which nail art you like better, you can always opt for different designs on each hand. We love the contrast between the bright orange jack-o-lanterns and the spider web designs. The mix-and-match look is fun and creative, and it also adds a sense of playfulness to a traditional Halloween look.

Alien Invasion

audreyfaithartistry Instagram

Ghost stories are cool, but alien invasion sightings and first-hand accounts are better. If you’re team alien, ask your nail artist to create a fun alien and UFO scene across your nails. Bonus points if you wear a space-inspired costume!

Monochrome Halloween

bvchkim Instagram

It’s hard to break the habit of trying new colors when you get a manicure. If you can’t bring yourself to steer away from your favorite monochromatic scheme, the good news is that it is easy to dress up for Halloween. Just add some ghosts and other spooky characters in your favorite shades.

3D Skulls

nail3dofficial Instagram

Looking to elevate your nail art? This 3D design is the way to do it. It features gold-encompassed skulls with tons of dimension and life-like qualities. But if this look feels too elaborate for your style, you can modify the design by painting simple black-and-gold skulls on each nail.

Barbed Wire Hearts Instagram

Hearts and Halloween don’t typically go together, but this design proves otherwise. Lay down a base of any color and paint barbed wire hearts on a few of your nails for a creepy twist.

Nightmare Before Christmas

thenaildetails Instagram

This intricate nail design is what Halloween dreams are made of. Each nail features scenes from the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas. Just don’t forget to give your nail artist advance notice if you plan to ask for this intricate design.


thenaildetails Instagram

These spotted print nails are perfect for a cat costume. They’re not too loud or intricate, but they look chic for any holiday party.

Anchors Away

audreyfaithartistry Instagram

“Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me,” isn’t that how the saying goes? Grab your pirate hat this Halloween for an at-sea costume. These nails make commanding your ship extra spooky thanks to the dark, unknown sea creatures.

“I Really Like Corn”

caitlyn.nails Instagram

If the corn song has landed on your FYP on TikTok, chances are it’s been stuck in your head ever since. If so, grab a comedic costume and this quirky manicure, too. Fall is corn season after all!

Greenish Ghouls

sauvagebyfri Instagram

Want a manicure that surely won’t be missed? Try a vibrant design like these neon ghouls. The bright green tint really makes the creepy characters pop.

Trick or Treat

nailsby_niki94 Instagram

These nails get straight to the point. Combine classic Halloween motifs like bats, spiders and the phrase “trick or treat” using the colors black, orange and white for a manicure that celebrates the holiday all October long.

Creepy Clip Art

python_nails Instagram

Stiletto tips and clip art-inspired designs have a way of adding a retro spin to Halloween designs. If you like to think outside the box, then ditch your pumpkin manicure and find an intricate nail artist that can recreate this monster-approved design.

Flying Spirits

nailperfectionbynatalie Instagram

This understated manicure definitely lightens the mood of the dark holiday. If you want to keep the good vibes going, pair flying ghosts with a few shimmery gold abstract shapes and lines for a playful look.

Hello Creepy

katscalwz_ Instagram

Give Hello Kitty a spooky Halloween makeover with this unique manicure. This creepy twist on the beloved character is a cute (yet frightening) design to add to your nail inspiration this season.

Spooky Disney

nailedbyrebeka Instagram

Disney lovers have a way of incorporating the brand’s most loved characters into everyday life and Halloween is no exception. Paint black Mickey Mouse silhouettes over an orange base and add Mickey ears to pumpkins and ghosts for a unique, Disney-approved look.

Cow Ghoul

_casanovanails Instagram

Calling all cowboys and girls! Combine Western fashion with Halloween designs for a playful manicure. Don’t forget to write “Yee Haw” on a nail or two!