The Beauty Guide: Winter Haircare Saviors

With a rich history in fashion and beauty, Neil Moodie started his hairdressing career in 1984 and in the early ’90s he moved into the editorial realm. Here, he worked with famous photographer Corinne Day, shooting for the Similar London publications The Face and built a reputation for mixing the fundamentals with contemporary re-inventions. As such, a whole host of leading titles, catwalks, red carpets, and advertising campaigns followed, and now, fast forward to his Spitalfields salon, the Neil Moodie Studio.

With all this know-how, Moodie has shared his top winter haircare tips.

Schedule a snip

Take a look at the ends of your hair. They will most likely be thirsty, dry and possibly split (usually, this happens with longer hair). The sun would have acted like a natural bleach, lightening hair, whether natural or colored, throughout the earlier summer months. It’s always good to get those ends trimmed off. Don’t be tempted to hold onto those extra inches because you like the length. You don’t have to chop loads off, only what’s needed. As for the lighter ends, they can stay if you love them. I’ve never been a ‘light for summer, dark for winter’ kind of hairdresser, but this leads me to my second tip…

Mask it

Give your hair a big hug with a treatment mask. Many people forget to put a mask on their hair and concentrate on conditioner, which isn’t bad as they aren’t always necessary. Still, if your hair has become super dry, it needs a little more than what your everyday conditioner is capable of.

Shu Uemura treatment masques are amazing, and I highly recommend the Ultimate Reset Masque and or their Urban Moisture Masque. At the Neil Moodie Studio, we now offer a new steam treatment that helps treatment masques penetrate the hair shaft more. Still, if you can’t get to a salon that provides steam treatments, I recommend wrapping your head in cling film (a shrink wrap) and then a towel, and you’ll get an almost salon-worthy result.

Are you somebody that likes to style your hair with heat tools? This is fine, but as I mentioned before, you’ll have some sun damage from earlier in the year, so you need to decide how you will style your hair moving forward. Help restore your hair by reducing the use of heat tools, and for the times when you must use them, ensure you’re in the habit of using a heat protectant spray before styling.

You can also try air drying your hair to help give it a mini break from dry heat or diffuse your hair on medium heat. Some great heat protectant sprays include Pureology Color Fanatic Multi-Tasking Leave-in Spray or their Strength Cure Miracle filler treatment. There’s also Shu Uemura Shiki Worker Blow dry Primer or Netsu Design blow-dry cream.

Take an inside-out approach

What you put into your body reflects on the outside, and as we move into flu season, it’s a good idea to think about loading up with various ingredients. If you lack nutrients, your hair will seem dull, lifeless and dry looking. Try eating fish for Omega fatty acids, vitamin B12, iron and protein for your hair. Also, increase the amount of dark leafy greens for vitamins A and C. Try to take legumes and pulses that will give you iron, zinc and biotin.

If your diet isn’t optimal, many hair supplements contain many of these ingredients, and they even come in a gummy form now, making taking them a little easier.

Basic brushing

Telling someone to brush their hair sounds ridiculous, but you’d be surprised how many people neglect this critical step or use the wrong tools. Gently brushing longer hair with a boar bristle brush helps to distribute the natural oils from your scalp to the ends of your hair, which will help improve shine, smoothness, and elasticity. I advise you to brush before going to bed. Use a wide toothcomb or a wet brush if you have curly or coiled hair.

A moment for massage

Massaging your scalp is very underrated. A healthy scalp equals healthier hair. Scalp massage is excellent for improving circulation, plus it stimulates the follicles. It also allows your scalp to absorb any hair treatments you may apply. You can get scalp brushes that are great for an essential scalp massage, or you can treat yourself to a Breo Scalp Massager. I have one of these in my work kit, and it’s proven to be extremely popular with models and celebrities. So much so that they go online to buy one while I’m using it!

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