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Summer 2022 Hair Colors to Try This Season — Expert Trends and Tips

Once the summer solstice hits, it’s like a breath of fresh air. The warmer days and longer nights serve as the perfect backdrop to relaxing and joyful outdoor activities. Beach days, picnics, and barbecues are just around the corner, and that’s something we can all celebrate. It’s also a signal to make some changes: Updating your wardrobe, switching up your beauty routine, and if you’re into it, looking into something new summer hair color ideas.

Now that many salons are reopened and back in action, it feels all the more exciting to experiment, especially with shades that may be a bit more challenging to try at home. Stephanie Brown, master colorist at IGK Soho in New York City, says that you can get the most mileage out of a fresh dye job in the summer. People are typically out and about more, giving you extra opportunity to stunt on anyone you happen to cross paths with.

Colorists are predicting a wide range of shades to pop up in the coming months. From strawberry blonde and pastels to dark sultry red, there’s no shortage of options. Just be sure to first settle on the look you’re going for and bring in reference photos to your salon appointment. “Photos [to show] placement, tone, and color are very helpful,” says Brown. “I find that everyone has their own way of describing things (for example, what’s warm for some is brassy for others).” She adds, “and for myself, pictures can be useful because you can find someone with a similar skin tone to see if the color would look good on you.”

To make your hair-color research easier, we’ve done the homework and found this season’s hottest shades. So, let’s dive into it: read on for the best summer hair color ideas, according to experts.

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