Hair Colouring

Salon-Inspired Ingredients Are The Secret To Healthier, Shinier Hair

Consider these the fundamentals for flawless hair.

When it comes to the words on our dream hair wish lists, “shiny” and “healthy” are at the very top.

While we all try to look after our hair as best as we can—because after all, our strands need just as much love as our skin—years of heat styling, coloring and exposure to the elements can leave our hair looking a little lacklustre.

But there is a way to get our locks back to their best selves, and kiss goodbye to heat damaged hair, split ends and hair breakage with ingredients that some of the best salons in the world count among their favorites.

Thanks to innovative technology, these fundamentals for flawless hair are now more accessible than ever—here’s our pick of the salon-inspired ingredients that have become our shower-time staples.

Known as the “building blocks” of our body, collagen is a structural protein found in our skin and connective tissue, including our hair follicles. Naturally occurring in our body and essential for structural support, our body’s production begins to slow in our mid-twenties, with environmental factors also taking a toll on the quality of the collagen we produce on our own.

Enter: collagen in haircare, designed to hydrate and strengthen the hair follicle for optimum growth and shine.

Collagen-infused haircare, like Pantene’s 3 Minute Miracle Repair & Protect Daily Intensive Conditioner With Collagen is one of the best treatments for dry hair or heat damaged hair prone to split ends and hair breakage.
Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Repair & Protect Daily Intensive Conditioner With Collagen, 400mL, $7.99.

Able to repair three months of damage in three minutes†, Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Repair & Protect With Collagen absorbs easily into the hair’s core for deep hydration, working with every wash to transform dry and damaged hair to be visibly healthier, shinier and stronger.

Infused with a unique Pro-V formula, micro-moisturisers target damaged areas of the hair and protect the natural lipid layer for intense, but lightweight, conditioning.

A favorite in fighting against frizzy hair, keratin is loved by salons and stylists worldwide.

A structural and protective protein for our hair and nails, it’s responsible for preventing hair breakage, reducing frizz and protecting from heat damage. Using haircare products infused with keratin can help repair damaged hair shafts, smooth strands and promote a healthy, shiny finish.

While all hair can benefit from a keratin boost (after all, the protein forms each and every stand of hair), those with thick, damaged or frizzy hair will see the best results.

For the added bonus of reducing your hair’s drying time, use a keratin-infused styling serum and apply to hair while still wet. As keratin can reduce the amount of water trapped inside the hair cuticles, you can get dry and get out the door in record time.

Keratin is a favorite for fighting frizzy, dry and damaged hair. Image: @jennaortega.

Want silky, smooth hair without a trip to the salon? Biotin might just be your new best friend.

Also known as vitamin B7, biotin plays an important role in a balanced diet and the health of our hair, enhancing shine, strengthening hair and protecting it from styling damage and heat damage.

With other benefits like boosting the growth of thicker hair strands, promoting a healthy scalp, and fighting inflammation that can lead to hair loss, it’s not hard to see why biotin is a must-have for those seeking long, luscious locks with a liquid- like shine

Best for those with dull, dry and damaged hair, biotin can be found as a core ingredient in many shampoos, conditioners and hair-loving treatments…without a trip to the salon.

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† helps repair surface damage to smoothness, vs non-conditioning shampoo