Nail Art

Perfect Corp. Sees Success With Revamped Nail Art App

Perfect Corp debuted a new version of its YouCam Nails iOS app. Powered by AgileHand technology, the revamped app is reimagining manicures through live interactive virtual try-ons for nail color and nail art.

The virtual nail try-ons empower users to design their own creative nail art ideas by applying different colors, adjusting nail shapes, and adding stickers and digital designs, all done with a live preview on their own hands. Users can also choose from thousands of readily available trendy nail looks prepared by the YouCam Nail app creators.

“We are excited to deliver a next level virtual nail art experience to all, facilitating experimentation and providing tools to manicure lovers to design their own stylish nail looks with the latest AI and AR technology,” said Alice Chang, Perfect Corp. Founder and CEO. “This one-of-a-kind virtual nail art experience invites beauty fans to explore thousands of trending nail looks and intricate nail art designs with the tap of a smartphone, creating a truly accessible and immersive creative manicure toolkit.”

Personalized Manicure Designs

The extensive nail color palette features hundreds of shade options across four finishes, including cream, matte, jelly and sheer, to give users the most realistic virtual manicure experience imaginable. Users can experiment and play around with endless styles using hundreds of different patterns, stencil decals and jewels – further enhancing their manicure designs. The excellent AI and AR algorithms deliver smooth experience for users across all skin tones, making YouCam Nails app a truly inclusive solution.

Download the free YouCam Nails app via the App Store by visiting: