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Penélope Cruz’s Has Toned AF Legs In A Sparkly Miniskirt In Pics

  • Penélope Cruz made the red carpet her runway this week as she showed off her long, toned legs in a sparkling miniskirt and heels.
  • The cameras captured the actress, 48, strutting her stuff, and she was looking super strong and happy.
  • Penélope hasn’t shared much about her diet or exercise routines, but she grew up dancing and used to cook for Antonio Banderas.

Penélope Cruz must be listening to Taylor Swift’s new album, midnights, because she can really make the whole room shimmer. This week, the actress rocked a matching bejeweled miniskirt and jacket set with heels, and the whole outfit had her looking absolutely fabulous.

The Vanilla Sky actress attended a movie premiere in Madrid dressed to the nines. Maybe even the tens. Her sparkling, black, matching set was covered with sequins and lined with a golden braided hem.

Of course, the look put Penélope’s strong, sculpted legs on full display as she flashed smiles for the cameras. If you missed the look, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Here she is, toned AF legs and all:

Penélope Cruz worked the red carpet with a miniskirt set.

Pablo Cuadra//Getty Images

What secrets does the 48-year-old have for staying so strong throughout all these years? Well, the actress hasn’t shared a tons about her workout routine in recent years, but she has shared a few snippets about her mentality towards movement and balance.

But she did an interview, she told The New York Times earlier this year that she studied classical ballet as a child and sometimes practiced for up to four hours a day. “The feeling of your toes bleeding but you keep going with a smile, that really shapes you,” Penélope said. So safe to say she has been training those calves for a while now.

When Penélope was promoting her movie Parallel Mothers earlier this year, she got real about her imposter syndrome Vogue. She told the magazine that she still worries even now as a certified superstar who is working on films with friends like director Pedro Almodóvar.

“What’s funny is that, even though he’s one of my best friends, during the first few days of shooting, I’m so scared of him [laughs]. I’m like, “What if he fires me?” I have imposter syndrome. Why do I still feel this way? It’s respect. So, I don’t want to feel different,” she told Vogue.

Penélope is also very particular about her skincare, and back in 2016, she shared with Vogue UK that she “probably smoked seven or eight cigarettes a day, but when I stopped I really saw a difference in my skin.” After that point, she became “very disciplined” about her skin and skincare, applying daily SPF and making sure to take her make-up off before bed.

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When it comes to her diet, Penélope hasn’t shared much, but she did say that she was passionate about nutrition and took daily supplements in a Vogue UK article from 2016. “I really believe it’s true that your stomach is your second brain,” she said at the time.

And in a recent interview with People, she shared a funny tidbit, saying that she “was in a very healthy period,” while living in New York City as a young actress. She even cooked for her friend, Antonio Banderas. “I was making these vegetarian burgers that were amazing, and I would buy the ingredients at D’Agostino, my favorite supermarket.”

Glad to see Penélope living her best life with her family and (famous) friends!!