Hair Colouring

Mamamia reviews the Clairol Root Touch-Up hair dye.

Before I jump into giving you all the details (spoiler: it’s a game-changer), let me give you some tips for coloring your hair at home.

First up, take your time to make sure you select the correct shade.

My hair really grabs color so it can sometimes turn out a shade or two darker. To avoid this, I always look at the back of the box where they show results on three different shades. I looked at the darkest one knowing that my hair locks in the color, leading to a darker pigment.

Make sure you don’t just jump in, mix it up and plonk it on your noggin.

Take the time and read the instructions first. They are there for a reason – to help you get the best results possible. Follow them and you will.

Now on to the good stuff: is Clairol Permanent Root Touch-Up Hair Color actually a game-changer? Yes, my dear friend, it is.

From the time I opened the box to when I finished blow-drying my hair, only 30 minutes had passed. Yes, 30 minutes.

The kit is so easy to use. The small tubes and containers consist of enough product to more than cover your part and all around your hairline. And if like me, you part your hair in a couple different places, there is more than enough product.

It only took me about five minutes to mix and thoroughly apply to my needed areas. The precision brush also made it super easy to coat my hair and not make a mess.

After 10 minutes, I hopped in the shower for a quick rinse off and condition before drying my hair.

I felt like there was no way this was going to work as it all seemed too easy (and fast) but the results spoke for themselves — it blended seamlessly with my current shade and covered up all the pesky grays that had been mocking me for the last few weeks.

Before and after applying the Clairol Permanent Root Touch-Up Hair Color. Image: Supplied.