Hair Colouring

L’Oréal launches two new hair coloring technologies

The company announced the Colorsonic and Coloright technologies on Monday, ahead of CES 2022. Both products, Colorsonic for consumers and Coloright for hairstylists, address ease-of-use with color application.

Head of the L’Oréal Global Technology Incubator Guive Balooch said they are particularly excited about making these innovations in the hair coloring space, which the company launched more than a century ago.

“What we’ve seen in the past 100 years is lots of innovation in the types of formulas and colors to get to the right chemistry,”Balooch told cosmetics design. “But the way of actually applying it on the hair, both at home and in the salon, hasn’t really changed at all.”

Colorsonic to improve ease of at-home hair coloring

Balooch said, if one were to ask a consumer their experience with applying at-home hair color 30 or 50 years ago, they would say the same thing as consumers today; It’s messy and correctly mixing the color and developer is challenging.

While many consumers are already dying their hair at home, those concerns can be a barrier to consumer engagement. To resolve those challenges, L’Oréal worked with 400 consumers to develop the Colorsonic technology.

The product includes a color cartridge, with 40 available colors, a mixer that combines the color and developer for the consumer, and a comb applicator that L’Oréal says works for all hair types.