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I’m an elegance coach – 10 things that make you look cheap & the nail sin is really common

NO-ONE wants to look cheap, but an expert has revealed how a minor faux pas could do just that.

With a few simple rules, anyone can avoid such style mistakes and stay looking elegant and fabulous.


Giovana Lourenço is an elegance expertCredit: TikTok/giovanalourenco0
She shared her top 10 tips on what to avoid when seeking to look more elegant


She shared her top 10 tips on what to avoid when seeking to look more elegantCredit: TikTok/giovanalourenco0

Giovana Lourenço is a UK-based style blogger who took to TikTok to share “10 Things Elegant Ladies Never Wear.”

“Bra showing off,” she wrote over an image of Gigi Hadid wearing a suit with an exposed brassiere.

“Low Quality Fabrics,” she added over an image of what appeared to be fast fashion.

She advised against wearing “tacky sunglasses” such as neon-colored eyewear.

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She urged women to take care of their wardrobe, citing “wrinkly clothes” as a fashion fail.

She nixed “colorful nail art,” showing an image of an electric blue French manicure.

She suggested keeping swimwear simple, deeming “trendy bikini straps” to be inelegant.

She also disapproved of “ultra high heels,” such as the Versace platform pumps.

She chose to keep it neat and clean by rejecting “distressed denim.”

Lourenço did not overlook hair. She said “poorly groomed hair” is something elegant ladies never sport.

Finally, she cited a common style sin — “chipped nails.”

“10 things that look cheap,” she added in the caption.

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Viewers generally agree with Lourenço’s assessments.

“Agree darling,” a fellow elegant lady wrote.

She told viewers to avoid chipped nail polish


She told viewers to avoid chipped nail polishCredit: Getty
She rejected colorful nail art


She rejected colorful nail artCredit: Getty