I’m a professional hairdresser – the mistake most women are making with their brushes & it really damages your locks

UNLESS you’re extremely lucky, most of us leave the shower with hundreds of knots in our hair.

We’ll grab whichever brush we can find in our pile of hair and beauty products and run it through the locks – whether it’s a regular comb or a round styling brush.


The hair pro revealed which tools to best steer clear of when de-tangling your locksCredit: TikTok/@rachelvalentinehair
According to Rachel, it's best to pick a brush that's designed specifically for the purpose


According to Rachel, it’s best to pick a brush that’s designed specifically for the purposeCredit: TikTok/@rachelvalentinehair

But according to one professional hairdresser, choosing the wrong one actually does more harm than you’d imagine, resulting in completely ruined locks.

Rachel Valentine, who recently revealed the one up-do to steer clear of, took to TikTok to explain the importance of picking the right brush.

Holding an array of hair styling tools, the whizz said: ”You need to stop right now.

”All of these tools are not made for de-tangling – they are made for cutting, for styling, for blow-drying.

”They will be damaging your hair so much,” she warned, before revealing which type of tool to go for instead.

”You need to be using a hair brush that is specifically designed for de-tangling – this is because of the way they’re designed.

”My favorite is Tangle Teezer – the teeth are so super soft, there are different levels of teeth.”

Praising the brand, Rachel went on to say: ”There are also different brushes depending on different hair types.”

Earlier this year, the London-based pro also listed three easy swaps you can do to improve the health of your locks.

In the video, she went through one by one, starting with how even your choice of tie could be slowly damaging your hair.

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Showing the camera a normal elastic hair tie, Rachel explained: “First up, change your every day hair band from this

“Start using something softer like a scrunchie or a coiled hair band. It doesn’t have to be satin, but these are also really good.”

Rachel then said it was also important to make simple swaps in our diet, concentrating on eating more protein to promote hair growth and shine.

She continued: “Secondly, up your protein intake. Our hair is literally made of protein so it’s really important that we’re getting enough in our diet.

Rachel’s last piece of advice was to take time out of your busy routine each day and give yourself a mini head massage.

She explained: “Give yourself a head massage every day.”

As she explained that it “feels amazing” and “releases so much tension in the scalp”, Rachel also opened up about the additional benefits.

She said: “It stimulates blood flow which is so important because our blood is carrying the nutrients to our hair follicles and enabling it to grow.”

All of these, she explained, are not designed for de-tangling your hair


All of these, she explained, are not designed for de-tangling your hairCredit: TikTok/@rachelvalentinehair
The London-based whizz claimed using the wrong brushes will be damaging your hair over time


The London-based whizz claimed using the wrong brushes will be damaging your hair over timeCredit: TikTok/@rachelvalentinehair