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How To Prep Hair Before Dyeing To Protect Them From Damage

Coloring hair is a great way to boost mood, confidence and elevate your look. But as you already know dyeing or bleaching does a lot of damage to your tresses. However, that shouldn’t stop you from having fun with hair coloring as you only need to be aware of certain steps before dyeing hair to ensure the chemicals in hair dye do minimal damage to your tresses.

Below, we’ve laid down the best ways to prep hair for coloring at home to protect hair from damages.

Wash hair a day or two before coloring

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It might sound weird but applying hair dye on dirty hair is ideal for color application. The natural oils and the build up on the scalp will serve as a barrier against the chemicals in the dye, which is not possible on freshly washed tresses. Thus, it will also protect against irritation

However, this does not mean you should skip the cleansing routine altogether, try to wash hair a day or two before coloring with a clarifying shampoo.

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Use a protein-enriched hair mask

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Nourishing the dry hair strands with a protein packed deep conditioning treatment is an excellent way to prep hair to ensure minimum damage takes place. Hair masks are more hydrating and intense than conditioners, so they provide more hydration and primes the hair by plumping up the hair cuticle. Apply this, when you’re washing your hair a day or two prior to coloring.

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The whole purpose for prepping hair before coloring is to ensure you’ve got the healthiest tresses so that the chemicals of hair dye do minimum damage. But using hot tools like straightener and curler defeats this purpose. They fry the hair and strip it of all the natural oils. So it’s always advisable to skip using heat styling tools at least a week before dyeing hair.

However, if it’s absolutely necessary to use, make sure you’re using a good-quality hair protectant.

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Do a hot oil treatment

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If you have severe damaged and fragile hair but still want to color hair, doing a hot oil treatment a few days before coloring is recommended. Using coconut oil is most beneficial for the condition of the hair as it treats brittle hair and leaves them looking soft and healthier. It prepares your tresses to take on the hair dye.

For the hot oil treatment, warm up the oil and massage the scalp and soak your hair strands in it for optimal results.

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