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Here’s What Sarah Hyland Eats In A Day And Her Workout Routines

You could say Sarah Hyland’s a little busy right now. She’s currently hosting this season of Love Island (USA), starring in the upcoming television series Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin with Adam Devine, and…Oh yeah, she just married Wells Adams, the radio host and bartender on Bachelor in Paradise, after two postponed wedding dates. And yet, she’s more dedicated to her wellness routines than ever.

Well, Sarah recently sat down with Women’s Healthh to share all her secrets to mastering an intense workout routine, her daily diet, and juggling it all with a really busy schedule.

Sarah gets creative with her workouts.

Earlier this year, Sarah was super busy shooting her upcoming television show, Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin, which premieres in November. Despite her hectic schedule, a gym that closes early, and “crazy, crazy long days,” Sarah found creative ways to maintain her routines.

She started doing workouts in her room or trailer using adjustable dumbbells and ankle weights she bought online, or doing online Pilates classes.

Sarah is a huge advocate for women lifting weights, and she doesn’t just talk the talk—she’s been hitting up the gym to build some muscle. “Coming from someone who likes to joke around and call myself ‘SpongeBob Squarepants,’ not a very curvaceous woman by any means, it’s amazing what you can do with your body to create shape with muscle,” she says.

When Sarah’s on her normal schedule, she does a little bit of everything—strength training, weightlifting, TRX bands, cable machines—and explains that if you build your shoulders, lats, hips, and butt, you can actually create an hourglass shape without being naturally curvy.

She also does reformer or Rise Up Pilates five to six times a week, depending on her schedule. Sarah identifies as “more of a weightlifter-type person,” so Pilates gives her a run for her money. “My abs have never looked better than when I did Pilates,” she says. “It’s really hard for me to get that muscle in my lower abs.”

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She loves hiking with her dog.

Sarah was taking a lot of hikes in Malibu with her dog, Boo, before the pandemic hit, but put that on pause for a while. Soon, she’s hoping to drive out to Big Sur to go camping and hiking with Boo.

It helps that she’s partnering with Autotrader, which celebrated National Dog Day in August. (BTW, the partnership includes their “Best Cars for Dog Lovers” list, a matching charm set giveaway, and the chance to adopt a new BFF.) *insert crying emoji here* “I’m such a big advocate for adoption,” Sarah says.

Oh, and she’s got her eye on the Ford Bronco and Jeep Wrangler for those trips with Boo.

For breakfast, she sticks with coffee and a green juice.

Bloom Nutrition Super Greens Powder Juice & Smoothie Mix

Bloom Nutrition Super Greens Powder Juice & Smoothie Mix

Sarah starts her day with 12 ounces of almost-black coffee in the morning. (One Sugar in the Raw packet, and little to no milk.) She also enjoys Bloom Nutrition’s Greens & Superfoods powder as part of her morning nutrition. You can use Bloom’s powder in smoothies or juices, and the supplement adds in a healthy dose of digestive enzymes, probiotics, and antioxidants.

“I’m not a really big breakfast person,” Sarah says. “I know that’s bad, but I have my coffee, I have my green juice, and I have my sour vitamins in the morning. They’re chocolate, so that’s food.”

Lunch is a light wrap or salad.

Mission Foods Mission Carb Balance Flour Tortillas

Mission Carb Balance Flour Tortillas

Mission Foods Mission Carb Balance Flour Tortillas

In the afternoons, Sarah often opts for a light meal, like a chicken Caesar salad or a wrap using Mission Carb Balance tortillas.

Sarah’s dinners are ‘a five-year-old’s dream.’

For dinner, Sarah usually digs into a burger or chicken nuggets—”a five-year-old’s dream”—but lately, she’ll eat shrimp tacos with the same type of tortilla. Turns out, her handsome hubby’s a good chef, too “Wells makes the best shrimp tacos in the entire world,” she says. He makes them with raw white onion, cilantro, and cheese.

The girl really does love a burger, though. When Sarah was filming Pitch Perfectt series, she says she “literally ate the dirty burger at the hotel every day,” to the point where Adam Devine, whose room was next to hers, started making fun of her.

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Dessert is a must.

“I have a massive, massive, sweet tooth,” Sarah says. When she wants a bit of sugar but still wants to stay on the healthier side, her go-to dessert is a little yogurt parfait.

Sarah will microwave frozen raspberries and add them to non-fat Greek yogurt before mixing it all up with liquid Stevia and chia seeds.

But Sarah also loves the ~regular~ stuff, too. “I had, like, five oatmeal raisin cookies last night,” she adds.

She stays powered up with daily supplements.

Sourse, the vitamin company Sarah co-founded, recently launched new energy bites, infused with natural caffeine, green tea, and L-theanine. “That has been saving my life because I have not been able to get your eight hours of sleep as of late,” she says. “It’s been a lot balancing it, but it’s just been a blast and I just feel so great being a part of it all.”

Sounds like you’ve got it all figured out, Sarah!