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Here are 11 useful gifts for cancer patients.

During my subsequent cycles, friends and family continued to send gifts my way and my family’s way. Whatever the gift, it always made me smile and made my day. To know that someone was thinking of me during this really difficult time, and had taken the time to think, choose and deliver a gift, was really special. It made me feel closer to people who I wasn’t necessarily able to see in person.

There were many gifts that upon receiving, both my family and I did not know would turn out to be very useful gifts. There were gifts that ended up becoming things that I reached for daily during my treatment and made the sh*t circumstance a little bit more comfortable.

So I’ve compiled a list of gifts I received and found useful, that I’d recommend you buy for someone you know who has cancer.

Disclaimer: If you are one of my friends or family and you don’t see a gift you got me on this list please don’t fret and think it wasn’t a good gift! In fact, every gift I’ve received has been great because it shows that I have people who love and care for me. Having said this I wanted to compile a list of gifts that went beyond flowers, chocolates, and candles (although those are great too and very much enjoyed!).

So here it is…

An insider’s guide to the best gifts for a cancer patient, by a cancer patient:

1. Shawl.

When you’re in hospital receiving cancer treatment either as an inpatient or outpatient, you’re often hooked up to IVs 24/7. Being hooked up to an IV means you often can’t wear a jacket which is problematic as you get really cold! The solution that we found for me was wearing shawls which simply sit over your shoulders but provide great warmth. Here’s one I was gifted: Aida Cape, $129.95 from French Connection.