Hair: Influencer names £3 hairspray the ‘best you will ever use in your life’

Lifestyle and mummy vlogger and influencer Louise Pentland has shared her favorite hairspray which can be bought for as little as £3 from some supermarkets. In a video posted to her Youtube channel, Louise showed how she keeps her hair in place all day using the got2b Glued Hair Spray Blasting Freeze Spray.

Louise said: “I’m going to show you now the best hairspray you will ever use in your life.

“I’m not sponsored by this hairspray brand I am just showing it to you. It’s the got2b Glued Hair Spray Blasting Freeze Spray.”

As well as using it on herself, Louise also says she has put it to the test on her little ones for their dance lessons and competitions.

She said: “I used this for the girls for dance and they could throw themselves all around a dance studio all morning and they would still come out perfect.”

According to the mum-of-two, the hairspray not only holds up-dos in place, it can also get rid of “wispy bits” of hair, offer “body” and keep your fringe looking fabulous.

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Hairspray: Schwarzkopf’s top tips and tricks for proper use

Schwarzkopf has shared their top tips and tricks to get the absolute best out of your hairspray.

The experts explained: “Hold the spray nozzle at least 30cm (12 inches) away from your hair when spraying and always spray in a continuous motion.

“Make sure the spray nozzle is not gummed up, as you’ll want a fine mist rather than it coming out in spurts.

“To achieve more hair volume, one of the best hairspray tips is to hold your head upside down and shake your hair while spraying. You can also lift segments of your hair and spray underneath.

“For those with a sensitive or itchy scalp, be careful using hairspray as you should only apply to the hair, as the alcohol in the product can dry the scalp and cause irritation.

“To tame unruly strands, it’s okay to spray the product into your hands and smooth your hair down.”

It’s also important to make sure you are using the right type of hairspray for the desired effect.

Regular hairspray is great for day-to-day use, holding in flyaways and keeping your hair in place.

Finishing hairspray is a very strong formula. The hair experts explained: “Like the name suggests, this will be the last thing you spray on your hair after using any other hair styling products or tools. Finishing spray will give a tough hold and a nice shine.”

Texture hairspray is there to give hair more volume without adding weight. The consistency is similar to dry shampoo, however, it won’t soak up your hair’s natural oils or leave a powdery residue behind.

Thermal hairspray is great for people who use heat on their hair, such as blow dryers or straighteners. It adds an extra layer of protection to shield your hair from damage.

Freeze hair sprays are “known in the industry as the strongest of hair styling sprays” and will leave your locks with a solid finish.