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Use these natural ingredients to color your hair without damaging them with harmful chemicals.

Coloring your hair in funky colors has become a trend nowadays but these funky colors contain a lot of chemicals that can harm your hair as well as your skin.

If you want to color your hair without using any chemicals, then here are a few natural ingredients that will do the trick for you. Read on to know about all the ingredients.


Henna has been used to color hair for ages. It gives you a kind of burgundy color.

Take some sesame oil and add curry leaves. Heat it for a while until the mixture darkens. Now, add henna powder and mix well to make a fine paste.

Apply it on your hair and wash it after some time.


Vinegar has an overpowering smell but it can give your hair a nice shade.

Just take some apple cider vinegar in a bowl and add the same amount of water. Mix it well. Now, soak some cotton in the mixture and apply it on your hair. Repeat it for 10 minutes and let it rest for some time. Then, wash it with cold water and you will get a nice reddish shade on your hair.

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Walnut Shell

walnut hair color

Don’t throw away walnut shells next time as this helps to color your hair.

Put the walnut peels in water and heat them for at least an hour. Now apply it on your hair. After an hour, wash it with cold water and you are done.

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lemon hair color

Due to the presence of citric acid, lemon is very good for your dry and lifeless hair. It can transform your hair by giving it a new shade. Apply lemon juice on your hair and sit under the sun for some time. Sun and lemon have a reaction together, thus giving your hair a new shade.

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