Hair Colouring

Get rich texture and shine, add to its natural beauty

Hair colors give more shine and richness to the strands.

From time immemorial and across cultures, a woman’s hair has been the center of her beauty and femininity. Just go through the paintings of celebrated Indian painter Raja Ravi Varma of Hindu goddesses and celestial beings and you can see the depiction of long and luscious hair of the women who adorn his works. In the context of the western civilization, pick any painting made by the celebrated painters of the Renaissance period such as Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli, and you will see how the depiction of hair is unmistakable. In the modern context, we can think of countless instances of actresses from Bollywood and Hollywood whose crowning glory, their hair, have set the screen on fire.

Beautiful hair symbolizes femininity, health and personality and can tell people a lot about you. If, in the old times, people used organic substances as color, today inorganic colors rule the roost. Every parlor or salon will have huge pictures advertising them. Markets are flooded with packets of self application kits too. In either of the cases, always opt for ammonia-free products as they have less harmful effect on the environment. Ammonia in water is known to harm aquatic life.

While Indians have loved black hair for centuries, these days there is a whole range of colors available. We have bunched together some such inorganic ammonia-free hair color options from Amazon, which will definitely help you decide better, if you are in the mood for it. Do check them out. All products listed here do not contain ammonia.

Price of hair color at a glance:

Product Price
L’Oreal Paris Casting Crème 495.00
Garnier Color Naturals Crème Hair Color 153.00
Revlon Top Speed ​​Hair Color 488.00
Streax Cream Hair Color 152.00
BBLUNT Salon Secret High Shine Crème Hair Color 191.00

L’Oreal Paris Casting Crème Gloss Conditioning Hair Color

Products of L’Oreal are easily among the most visible hair color brands in India From salons to advertisements, they are everywhere. Thankfully, its products are good too. For this discussion, we have picked the Ebony Black shade, but it is also available in two other shades – Cherry Burgundy and Light Golden Brown. This hair color, which comes in the form of a cream, gives natural looking color with visible shimmering tones and a glossy shine and lasts up to 28 shampoo washes. Apart from coloring the hair, it also works as a moisturizing conditioner. It is enriched with royal jelly that makes hair satin soft and healthy.


L’Oreal Paris Semi-Permanent Hair Colour, Ammonia-Free Formula & Honey-Infused Conditioner, Glossy Finish, Casting Crème Gloss, 200g – Ebony Black 200




Garnier Color Naturals Crème Hair Color

This hair color is available in 10 different shades but for this article we have picked Caramel Brown shade. This color, which comes in the form of a lotion, is a long-lasting one and comes with eight-week color lock technology (in simple language, it means it will last you that long after one application). As post color care, three oils conditioners have been included. It has a maximum shelf life of 36 months.

Revlon Top Speed ​​Hair Color

This hair color, Brownish Black, is available in six other shades and includes color for both men and women. Available in the cream form, the company claims that it covers all gray parts of hair in just five minutes. This product comes infused with Mother of Pearl and Ginseng root extracts that deliver shiny and resilient hair. This does not need any mixing and can be easily used at home.


Revlon Top Speed ​​Hair color Women, 186g – Brownish Black 68 |No ammonia | With Ginseng Root Extract and Mother of Pearl




Streax Cream Hair Color

This hair color, which comes in cream form, is available in 15 different shades. It comes enriched with Walnut and Argan oils. Their combined conditioning effect promises to enhance your hair strands, giving you a gorgeous and appealing look. The pack also comes with a specially formulated UltraShine conditioner which adds shine and volume to your hair. It helps in taming frizzy hair as well.


Streax Cream Hair Color for Unisex, 120ml – 7.3 Golden Blonde (Pack of 1)




BBlunt Salon Secret Hair Color

This hair color, which comes in the cream form, works by what the makers call ‘silk protein enriched 3-part system’ – protects hair, locks-in moisture and gives salon-like high shine. It is free of strong odors and prevents hair from damage. What’s more is that it has been designed and developed especially for Indian hair texture, skin tone and weather. It lasts up to eight weeks and is available in eight different shades.


BBLUNT Salon Secret High Shine Crème Hair Colour, 100g – Chocolate Dark Brown 3 (Pack of 1) with Shine Tonic, 8ml




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