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‘Fondant Brunette’ Is The It-Girl Hair Color Du Jour, According To This Award-Winning Hairstylist

So what exactly is Fondant Brunette? Well, it’s a new style of balayage coloring that dark locks are sure to love.

“The inspiration comes from the theme ‘French Editing’,” Cataldo tells marie claire Australia, referring to the competition’s theme. “In the salon, hair cuts are more layered and therefore balayage coloring has a layered effect. I love hair that has dimension and contrast, as it accentuates free flowing texture. It screams sophistication when hair has rich tones.”

But what is the difference between the Fondant Brunette and any regular deep hue? Well, Cataldo says that it’s all down to her use of a French balayage and the magic touch of an industry professional.

“French balayage is a specialized technique which can only be achieved by a hair professional,” she explains. “We as professionals can tailormake the tones and placements to enhance each individual’s personal look and feel.”

As for the color itself, Cataldo’s creation features a chocolate hued base with a warmer, lighter French balayage pouring out from the layers. à la and self-saucing chocolate fondant. And if you’re looking to try the hair color yourself, Cataldo recommends asking your stylist to guide you.

“You would ask your hairdresser to guide you as to what tones best suit you,” she says. “With my style I would recommend that the client ask for a rich mocha base with French balayage and French gloss to add tone and variation of color opt for tones that are golden, mahogany coppery hues.”

Fondant Brunette


Of course, one half of the battle is getting the correct color to begin with but your next conundrum is how to maintain it—especially when you don’t have a hairstylist at your disposal.

“Book in for a glossing service every five weeks to top up the stunning hue,” Cataldo recommends. “Always use home hair care that is prescribed to you by your hairdresser.”

“Try L’oreal’s Metal Detox range, it is an in salon treatment service which is used when coloring to ensure longevity of the color and condition and the metal detox take home will top up the treatment.” She also recommends you to “always use a heat protectant, as it will maintain the quality of the hair and reduce color fade”.


Metal Detox Shampoo by L’Oreal Professionnel, $49.50 at Adore Beauty.


10 in 1 Perfecting Multipurpose Spray by L’Oreal Professionnel, $19.95 at Oz Hair & Beauty.

Naturally, changing the color of hair does a number on the health and hydration levels of our tresses. So, to combat the destruction of your strands, Cataldo recommends using L’Oreal’s 10 in 1 Perfecting Multipurpose Spray to keep your ‘do happy.

“Not only does it protect your hair from heat, but it’s a great detangler, adding shine and hydration. It is anti-frizz and anti split ends. Use salon quality prescribed shampoo and conditioner and use a masque once a week.”

While Fondant Brunette is sure to be the next hair color du jourit’s worth applauding exactly how she came up with the hue when applying for L’Oréal’s Color Trophy awards.

“I came up with the inspiration from Parisian street style, how they style their hair and how they put together outfits and makeup,” she shares. “Everything looks so natural and effortless, not over done.”

This year’s theme was ‘French Edito’ which prompted colorists to find new and creative ways to reimagine French-inspired hair trends and techniques. And after winning the competition, which she previously entered five times, taking our title felt more meaningful than she could have imagined.

“It’s career highlight of mine, this has been a dream come true. I love hairdressing and I particularly love hair coloring, hair coloring is what transforms the whole look,” she shares.

“You can emphasize a cut with how the color draws your eyes to the features in the face you want to highlight, just like makeup. In trusting in my ability I know I can do anything I set my mind too, watch this space.”