Ecuadoran barber finds comfort and customers in Greenwood Lake

Iderson Suarez came from a family with generations of barbers. His grandfather was a barber, his father was a barber, he became one, and he taught his son to be a barber, too. Now, after settling in Greenwood Lake many years ago, Suarez and his family are celebrating a 10-year anniversary at his shop.

Suarez emigrated from Ecuador many years ago and landed in New York, where he had hoped, eventually, to apply his skill and experience as a barber for a local business. He worked for several years for other shops, eventually saving enough money to open his own business, as was his family tradition.

When he searched the area surrounding New York City, he discovered many appealing communities. But Greenwood Lake had made an impression on him. “I was looking in other towns but, I don’t know, it was just a feeling I had when I saw this Village,” said Suarez. “The other places didn’t speak to me the way Greenwood Lake did. My heart stopped and pumped up pretty high. I said this is the spot. This is the spot where I started my adventure.”

So he named his shop Greenwood Lake Barber Shop.

Suarez recalled how his customers welcomed him.

“They started to wish me good luck; it was a strange experience for me for customers to wish me good luck and congratulations. They were very nice and warm right from the start. So that’s why I feel so great in Greenwood Lake, because when I started the business the local people supported me,” said Suarez.

The shop offers customers detailed hair styling plus shaves, for both young and old. “The main thing that we do differently is to pay attention to the customer and try to remember every single client preference, so that when they come in we can read what they need and make them feel comfortable,” said Erick Suarez, Iderson’s son.

Story contributed by Peter Lyons Hall