Nail Art

Cannabis-Themed Nail Art Ideas For A Modern Weed Manicure

Classic Leaves

Take any hue of polish, a pointed nail art tool, or—if you’ve got a steady hand—even a bent paper clip (ideally not the same one you used to clear your last bowl), and a lot of patience, and any amateur artist can pull off a seven-pointed leaf shape.

Mini Leaf Patterns

A big leaf across your nail isn’t the only way to play with a marijuana motif, though. If you’ve got a narrower point tool on hand or opt for nail stickers, think of the mini seven-pointed leaf as an ingredient for a pattern—make your own pot polka dots or checkered texture; use them to create a stony, fuzzy heart for Galentine’s Day. Kill them yours!

Weed Charms

For those who just don’t have the time for that kind of detail work, there are reusable nail charms that you can affix to your nail with a hearty glob of your favorite top coat.

Shades of Green

Not everyone is down to wear their love for cannabis so clearly on their sleeve, and there’s nothing wrong with wanting a work-friendly wink to weed on your nails. The solution? Get creative! Get conceptual! Take any and all greens in your kit for a more subtle watercolor-style, ombré ode to weed.

Smoke Signals

Leaves and green only speak to part of the cannabis experience. Once the good times are underway, one thing comes to mind: smoking. Swirls and puffs of fragrant, unmistakable cannabis smoke. This is a fun inspiration point for those seeking more neutral color palettes on their tips.


Why not start the conversation with your nails? Cannabis culture offers an array of numerical references—420 for all things weed; 710 for dabbers and vapers—and thanks to censorship on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, new code words like “w33d” and “ouid” have emerged to be able to talk about the plant without getting flagged. More of a weekend mani for most, but one that will definitely reveal weed-friendly friends quickly.