Hair Colouring

5 Tips To Keep In Mind Before Coloring Your Hair

Don’t we all dream about giving our hair a makeover? Coloring the hair gives you a refreshed look and a great amount of confidence too. But it is also an expensive investment to make. Not just the salon appointment for the hair coloring is expensive, but the maintenance of the color is also expensive. You need to spend on the aftercare as much and buy haircare products which would keep the hair nourished and let the color stay for longer duration. It may sound overwhelming and stressful, but here are a few tricks to follow for beginners to have a great hair coloring experience without compromising on the after color health of your hair strands.

Check out these tips to follow for coloring the hair

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5 Hair Color Tips To Follow For Beginners

1. Find Professional Help

If it’s your first time coloring your hair, make sure you find professional help at salons or approach beauty experts for a detailed consultation. Be honest about your needs and ask the many questions that have kept you from getting your hair colored. Fix an appointment for the session only when you are convinced with their answers.

2. Choose The Color As Per Your Skin Tone

We know that crazy and funky colors must have grabbed your attention just as much as they grabbed ours. But the color on the mane of that model on the magazine may or may not look that way on yours. So ask the experts which color may suit your skin type before finalizing the color.

3. Keep Your Mane Hydrated

A healthy, hydrated and nourished mane is definitely the best canvas when it comes to coloring. So, apply a hydrating hair mask or leave in serums generously on your tresses from a few days before the hair color appointment.

4. Choose The Most Suitable Application Method

You need to communicate your needs to the experts. If you are looking for hiding grays or just getting a new color for fun, your needs should be well-understood by the professional. Make sure, whatever technique the expert chooses, all the hair strands are covered with color.

5. Choose Suitable After-Color Products

Hair coloring is a chemical treatment on the hair which may dry out the strands. So after color hair care becomes essential. Use the brands that can keep your hair hydrated and nourished. Do not forget to use hair masks and conditioners. Leave in serums would also be an excellent way to keep the hair shiny.

We hope you find the list helpful. We would also advise you to consult your dermatologist for knowing your hair and scalp history before getting your hair colored.

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