5 reasons your hair doesn’t grow according to an expert hairstylist

Natalie Salmon

Spoiler alert: genetics impact your hair in a big way, particularly in how it grows and the time it takes to grow. However there are other factors that can impact how much your hair grows with breakage being the main culprit for a lack of hair growth.

If you’re someone who does the bare minimum with your hair, ie shampoo, conditioner and heat styling, you may find it doesn’t grow very much due to becoming weak and breaking. There are some simple changes you can do to see a significant improvement in your hair’s growth rate and see your Rapunzel hair goals become a reality. Luckily we’ve found some expert tips to help along the way.

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Breakage is the main culprit for a lack of hair growth

Globally renowned hair stylist Nicky Lazou transforms the hair of some of the most influential women worldwide, including members of the royal family in the middle east. With long standing relationships with both Kerastase and L’Oreal Paris, and over 22 years of experience, Nicky recently founded her own eponymous hair brand; Lazou. She reveals the five factors that could be stopping your hair from growing to its full potential, and how to combat them:

5 reasons your hair doesn’t grow quickly:

Not getting regular trims

“Trimming your hair encourages hair growth by removing split, weaker ends and preventing breakage,” explains Nicky, “Hair always grows, but one of the most common reasons behind why people find their hair to be stuck at a certain length is because it keeps breaking off.”

Nicky Lazou is the founder of Lazou

Not using a hair mask

“Using the basic routine of shampoo and conditioner isn’t enough if you’re really trying to grow your hair. I can’t explain enough how important a hair mask is. There are so many benefits to using a hair mask including strengthening your hair and minimizing any damage. Using a hair mask once a week should become a key aspect of your hair care routine. Think of a hair mask as food for hair – if you are what you eat, your hair is also what you treat it with . The longer it gets the weaker it can be so feed it weekly with a hair mask to keep the integrity.”

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Aggressive brushing can cause severe damage to the hair

Not using the right products for your hair type

“When it comes to hair, it’s not a ‘one-size fits all’ approach as different hair types and textures require different products and care routines to aid health and growth. You don’t have to spend a fortune on lots of products, but it’s important to invest in the correct shampoo, conditioner, mask, and heat protection for your hair type to help your hair grow.”

Brushing too aggressively

“Aggressive brushing can cause severe damage to the hair. Brushing when your hair is wet is one of the biggest mistakes you can make as that’s when your hair is the most elastic and more likely to break. You should always brush your hair when it’s dry from the tips first then work your way up, be really gentle and use the right brush for your hair. This will help prevent breakage and increase growth. It’s a great idea to brush your hair before sleeping as this will also help prevent tangles and damage, but it’s important to invest in a good brush.”

Using the wrong hair ties

“You may notice that every time you take out an elastic hair tie, some of your hair comes out with it. This is because hair ties pull on the scalp and hair cuticles, causing hair to fall. They can also cause a halo-effect breakage line around the mid lengths. To avoid hair tie damage and maximize hair growth, I recommend using soft scrunchies or hair ties like silk which are softer and less harsh on the hair, preventing more damage.”

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