Hair Colouring

4 Stunning hair colors that all brides to be could opt for

We don’t want to add to the extensive list of items you’ll need for your wedding, but getting a new dye job before the D-day is a must. The appropriate haircut combined with the most up-to-date hair color can elevate your desi bridal party look and offer you a tempting edge. It’s also the fastest way to change up your look.

To make things easier, we’ve collected a list of some of the most popular hair color trends for you to consider while getting your hair colored.

1. Dark brown

If you want slightly darker hair colors, go for the rich chocolate brown and go for a worldwide hair look. If you don’t want your hair to be completely colored, you can choose for elegant highlights. The majority of Indian brides have hair that is either natural brown or dark brown in color. By reviving your natural color, you can improve the sheen and gloss of your hair.

2. Caramel

Caramel highlights have always turned out to be an ultimate game changer to your bridal look. Brides who are wearing a multi-colored gown may find it difficult to match their hair color. You have two options: match the most prevalent color in your outfit or go for a universally attractive dye like caramel. Caramel hair color isn’t too overpowering, but it’s also not too subtle. It strikes the ideal balance to elevate your bridal style.

3. Bronze

This color combination allows you to be both a blonde and a brunette at the same time. It’s a daring hairstyle that necessitates some spinning of hair, but what we love about it is that you can wear it and carry it with whatever you want. This hue, which is a blend of blonde and brown, is ideal for someone who wants to add a modern edge to their classic bridal lehenga without going too light on the shade chart.

4. Balayage

Balayage is another popular hair coloring technique that involves freehand color strokes. This provides your crowning pride a natural look while also adding vitality. If you’re looking for a warm and tasty balayage, we recommend the warm and delicious shade of coffee.

We highly urge all of you lovely brides to get your hair colored since it gives a freshness to your appearance and makes you photo-ready for any occasion.

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