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11 Nail Art Designs For Short Nails That Are As Pretty As They Are Practical

If long nails are like the Regina George of high school, short nails are that one girl who gets overlooked through the entire semester only to make a jaw-dropping entrance at prom with her ~makeover~. The glasses come off, the frizzy curls settle down and everyone realizes that plain jane was beautiful all along. With the clean girl aesthetic taking over 2022—giving great PR to short nails—looks like prom night has finally arrived. From micro french to the Italian manicure, nail art designs for short nails are here to let you pair pretty with practical, check it out:

Nail Art Designs For Short Nails

1. Micro French

Don’t have as much nail length to pull off a classic french manicure? Try micro french. The neutral base topped with a barely-there stroke of color along the edges of your nails makes for a perfect ‘less is more’ look. Want to move away from the classic white? Opt for metallics and neon colors to make a statement.

2. Italian Manicure

The Italian manicure is a nail-painting technique going viral on social media for making short nails appear longer. The trick is to leave just a little bit of space between each side of the nail and the polish while painting your nails which creates the illusion of elongated nail beds.

3. Skittles

If one accent nail isn’t adventurous enough for you, paint each nail a different color to bring out your playful side.

4. Monochrome Ombre

Want a softer version of the multi-color manicure? Dip your claws in different shades of one particular color to achieve an ombre effect across your nails.

5. Flower Power

If the surface area isn’t enough to accommodate hand-painted floral designs, opt for intricate pressed real flowers instead!

6. 3D Gel

Take the embellished euphoria nails a step ahead with some 3D gel art for a one-of-a-kind look.

7. Half Moons

Play around with negative space by painting on some colorful diagonal crescent moons.

8. Simple Lines

Keep it simple yet stunning with clean lines on the sides of a nude base.

9. Glazed Donut

Long nails or short, the glazed donut trend suits all! Get the glow by applying a coat of soft white polish topped with chrome dust for that frosted finish. You can also opt for other subtle colors like baby pink, periwinkle or butter yellow.

10. Check It Out

One of the easiest nail art designs to pull off on short nails is checks! But who said it has to be only black and white? Hop on the trend bandwagon and indulge in some Barbiecore pink.

11. Mismatched Maximalism

If the minimalist clean girl aesthetic isn’t your vibe, take the more flamboyant route by incorporating some colorful mismatched nail art.

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