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11 Festive Nail Art Designs To Add An Extra Sparkle To Your Diwali

Sure, the numerous Diwali card parties you’ve been invited to are great to show off your new festive outfit while you test your luck and make a small fortune, but they present an even better opportunity to flaunt your fresh mani as you play your hand . The recipe for festive nails 2022 is simple— a dash of glitter, a touch of chrome and tons of bling. Think luxe velvet finishes, celestial embellishments and molten metallic magic. Here are 11 festive nail art designs to add an extra sparkle to your Diwali:

Festive Nail Art Designs

1. Gold + Silver

Turn the faux pas into a statement as you dip your tips in molten gold and silver.

2. Velvet Nails

Take your standard glitter mani to the next level by giving it an illusion of a luxe, velor-like texture using magnetic polish.

3. Just A Little Bit Of Sparkle

Want to add just a little festive twist to your go-to french mani? A glitter-tip accent nail always does the trick.

4. Gold Chrome

Put a festive twist on Hailey Bieber’s glazed donut nails by opting for a gold-colored base topped with chrome dust.

5. Luxe Glam

Opt for a mismatched vibe with marbled nail art paired with solid gold and gradient glitter accent nails.

6. Star Of The Night

Trust a statement star to instantly turn up the festive mood of your mani.

7. Half Moon Diamonds

French tips not your thing? Take the reversed approach and line your cuticles with some intricate diamonds or chunky glitter.

8. Iridescent Sheen

Need something that’s in the middle of the glitter and metallic spectrum? A holographic finish is the way to go.

9. Firecracker Tips

Replicate the crackle of a sparkler on your fingertips.

10. Gold Stars

Keep it simple yet stunning with some scattered gold stars on a nude base.

11. Falling Stars

Top your silver french tips with some gradient chunky glitter to mimic firecrackers in the night sky.

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